S e r e n d i p i t y R a r e F r e n c h i e s



( Maya X Nickel )

Just wanted to let you know how well the puppy is doing as you can see!
Such a happy, goofy little boy. We are calling him Georgie,
we had him checked over by our vet and she said he is perfect!

You are doing a great job with these dogs!
Thanks again,


( Madison X Aero )

Hi Sherry!
My daughter has officially settled on “Oliver”.
We love him, and he’s settling in really well!
Thank you for such a great experience at your place.
It was very special day for all of us!
Our vet said that he had the “best nostrils” she has ever seen on a Frenchie.
He has no problem with heat or activity, either, unlike our previous Frenchie.
Thanks again!


( Jade X Aero )

Hi Sherry,
Just wanted to let you know that we received the CKC certificate for Maxine, so thank you for that.
She's been awesome and we love her to death!
I hope all is well and hope you and your family have a great Christmas and Holiday season.
Brandyn & Raisa

Another pic of Maxine ready for winter !


( Jade X Aero )

Hi Sherry!
Just wanna let you know Lottie is doing great at her new home. She eats well and sleeps well.
She really likes to play and chill with her big brother.
Here is pic we took earlier today.
Thanks again for letting us have this little angle!
Chen & Guangyun


( Reese x Nickel )

Hi Sherry,
Petey is doing very well! He has a pretty good routine down, he's as funny
and filled with as much personality as I thought he would be.
It took him a long time to warm up to walks. He would walk a couple of feet
then lay down and drag himself on the ground. Haha.
When he's relaxed or when he did something he wasn't supposed to and you say his name,
he immediately sticks his tongue out to the side. He gets super excited every time he sees a child or treats.
I'm talking whole body shaking with excitement. We had to buy him a sweater for winter, which he loves wearing
(he does his whole body shake when he sees it haha).
We thank you for giving us the dog who brings us non-stop laughter and love!


( Maya x Nickel )

Just wanted to let you know that Franny is happy and healthy.
We absolute adore her and she has brought us so much joy!!
We would highly recommend your pups!!



( Reese x Nickel )

Bruce is doing really, really well. He is, for the most part, pretty low key and he likes to just hang out with people.
He likes to sit up at our dining room table with us as again, he wants to be with people.
My kids do their homework at the dining room table and he will be incredibly content to sit on a chair next to them and simply watch them.
He often rests his head on the table and then we have to watch him because he starts to dose off to sleep!
He also has periods of time when he is really crazy and playful. We find he is most energetic after he has come home from a walk.
Bruce LOVES wearing sweaters! We bought him a sweater for Christmas just so he wouldn’t be cold at night when the heat is lowered
but he ended up wanting it on all the time. If we show him his sweater he comes running over so that we can put it on.
Bruce is an absolute pleasure and we are SO HAPPY with him. Bruce makes us want to consider a 2nd frenchie.
Take care Sherry,

And in March they added


to their family

( Maya X Aero )

Sorry these are late — but here they are! As you can see, Pablo loves sticks!


( Jade x Nickel )

Thanks Sherry

Potter is settling in great! We love him to bits. I have attached some pictures.



( Jade x Nickel )

We named him Odin.
He’s getting along famously with his big sister :)
He’s such a sweetie!
He will be very spoiled :)



( Madison x Aero)

Hi Sherry,

Thanks so much for mailing INDY's CKC Registration Certificate to us.
Joanne and I are doing well and can't say enough good things about INDY.
Agreeing to parent another dog and purchasing INDY from you are the two best decisions we've made in a very long time.
INDY is the JOY of our lives! She is so loving, attentive, sociable and so much fun to be around! We just love her so much.
She sleeps in bed with us every night and through the night.
With only the odd exception, she has her bathroom routines down pat! She doesn't mind having her nails clipped or teeth brushed.
She interacts well with the children Joanne babysits. She has no health issues. She's become everyone's favourite!!

I've looked further into pet insurance for INDY - all carriers that I've looked into charge approx 50% higher premiums for Frenchies than other breeds,
indicating they have substantially higher eligible expense claims than other dogs. However, I believe that if you buy a puppy from a reputable breeder,
your risk of having a chronically sick and expensive dog diminishes significantly.

We can't thank you enough, Sherry, for giving us the opportunity to share our lives with the most beautiful human Frenchie on the planet!!
She acts more like a baby than a puppy!
Best Regards,
Joel & Joanne


( Madison x Aero)

Hi Sherry just wanted to let you know we recieved Fergus' ckc registration papers today.
Fergus has won over everyone's heart ...he has quite the little personality!
I've attached a couple photos of him.



(Reese X Nickel )

Good Morning Sherry,
Hope all is well.
I can't believe Luna is already 16 weeks and she is growing daily.
The vet says she is in perfect condition and is growing as she should be.
Here is a picture as of this morning :)

Take care


Jade is a retired adult that we re-homed.

We love her so much already. She’s fit right in. She even took the kids to the bus with me this morning
and did all my errands with me today. I put a special blanket in the car just for her.
I bought her some new toys and she’s having fun with them. We went on a walk and she did great.
We also did a vet check this afternoon and his exact words were, “She’s Perfect!” But we already knew that:)
She’s been absolutely smothered in cuddles and love and has stolen our hearts already.
Thank you for choosing us as her furever home.



(Madison X Aero)

Hi Sherry,
I’ve been meaning to send you some pictures of Roscoe.
We picked him up from you back at the end of May.
He has been a great addition to the family!
This one is my favourite!



(Haley X Aero)

Oh WOW... I’m so very Impressed with the puppy I got from you!!!
She is so Sweet and we ALL fell in Love with her right away!! Thank you so much!

She is so PRECIOUS!!!

Thank you so much Sherry!!!



(Haley X Aero)

Louis is adorable. He’s a very energetic puppy, he barks to go outside, likes to go for walks
and his favourite thing to do is play with my daughter's two year old Rottweiler, Ruby (one of your dogs).
Louis plays really hard with Ruby and she’s really gentle with him.
He’s very sociable, smart and fearless. He’s not afraid of anything! We love him to bits.
I see one of his sisters is still available....hmmm.

Regards, Karen & Pierre


(Haley X Aero)

Hi Sherry. Yes the girls have named her Bella. She absolutely recognized her brother (Louis above).
They sure go at it though. A very playful pair.
She is fitting right in and you can see she is getting more comfortable every day.
Ruby our Rotti we got from you loves her. It’s a great fit!!


Hey sherry Just thought you’d like to see how all the pups are doing!

Bella and Ruby are best friends now, she was truly a perfect fit for this family!

Louie is doing really well too, him and Bella fight like siblings all the time but still have lots of love for each other!

Thanks for helping us complete our family with these wonderful animals!



(Haley X Aero)

We just love her, she is so much fun. She has a big personality and she gives us a ton of love back.
She was spayed last week, see attached certificate.
Thank you so much for breeding a healthy frenchie.

Betty Jo


(Haley X Aero)

We got the papers Sherry, thanks.
Dolores is doing wonderfully.
In this picture she is feeling proud of her looks after a spa day!
Our girls call her “the best thing that ever happened to us”.
She loves everybody she meets and she just wants to be best friends with everyone.
She was easy to train, but sometimes when she’d prefer not to do something she turns around and
puts her head up in the air and pretends she’s not hearing us. Hilarious!!
We love her so much, it’s like she’s been part of our family for forever.
Thanks again Sherry.



(Tia X Aero)

Hi Sherry,
Thanks so much for sending George's Certificate of Registration to us.
Today was his first visit to our dog groomer. She said he was fabulous! Daisy went with him.
Our groomer only has one client at a time so the dogs are never in crates waiting for their turn.
We love her and she loves our dogs. When I picked up our dogs, George was giving her kisses.

It is our pleasure to provide a loving home to George. He provides us with abundant joy and laughter.
Thanks for trusting us with one of your precious puppies.
Happy Spring!!!!

Bryan and Shannen


(Blu x Nickel)

Thanks we got the pet insurance email. Charlie is doing great travelling so far.
Super affectionate puppy.. and funny but very calm disposition.

Thanks again will send you an updated photo once we are home and settled.



(Mercedes X Aero)

Hi Sherry!

We received Ruby's dog certificate of registration in the mail today! Thank you so much for sending it to us.
Ruby is such a little sweetie. She has been nothing but perfect.
We are so in love with our new little addition - she is the perfect fit for our family.
She gets along so well with our English bulldog, Rosie. They are quickly becoming the best of friends.
Ruby follows Rosie around everyone, and loves to cuddle with her big sister.
Ruby sure isn't shy anymore - quite the opposite actually. She is a little firecracker.
She loves to be cuddled and lovvvveeees her belly rubbed.
Thank you so much for everything, and thank you very much for our little Ruby!!

Kjellby and Natasha & Ruby and Rosie


(Reba X Leo)

Hi sherry,

Just forwarding our neuter certificate from the vet for Waylon. He has been such a joy to our family.
The vet had nothing but good things to say about his snout and nares.
Told us they are the best she’s seen in a frenchie in a long time.

Also, I think we may add another frenchie to our family from Reba’s next litter.

Thanks again,